Kejuruteraan JEC was established on 6 April 1987 as a firm of consulting engineers. It is popularly known by its acronym JEC and offers consulting services in civil and structural engineering, contract management and hydrographic surveys. The name Kejuruteraan JEC in Malay means JEC Engineering.

In 1997, JEC began applying project management techniques more systematically following the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) recommendations. Out of this came JEC's project management service to provide better value to clients.

The firm is wholly Malaysian owned and dedicated to employ Malaysian manpower and resources wherever possible. However, the company has a liberal policy towards accommodating additional expertise to suit project needs. This is particularly so to ensure effective project management in multidisciplinary type projects. JEC employs qualified staff to fulfill its obligation to provide the best services through a comprehensive team of professionals and sub-professionals.

It is registered with the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia and Sarawak Financial Secretary.

With the emergence of projects which can employ design and build expertise, these projects are carried out by our associate company JEC Designabuild Sdn Bhd. They are bona fide contractors duly registered with the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia.


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