Our Services


The range of services from JEC may be summarised to be from conceptual evaluation through to design, implementation, contract management, supervision and continuing services associated with operation and maintenance.

Our Services can be categorized as

•    Engineering
•    Contracts
•    Project Management
•    Services by Associates



The Scope of Services available under ENGINEERING may be summarised as:

•    Conceptual Evaluation through Pre-feasibility or Feasibility Studies
•    Detail Design and Contract Documentation
•    Tender and Recommendation for Award
•    Contract Management and Supervision
•    Continuing Services under Operation and Maintenance

This Scope may be extended to:

Transportation                                                                     Public Health
•    Roads, Highways and Bridges                                   •    Water Resources Evaluation
•    Railways                                                                          •    Water Supply, Treatment and Distribution
•    Jetty, Wharf and Harbour Terminals                           •    Reservoirs and Dams
•    Airports                                                                             •    Sewerage, Sewage Treatment and Disposal
•    Coastal Protection                                                         •    Solid Waste Treatment and Management
                                                                                                •    Environmental Evaluation and Control

Drainage and Irrigation                                                     Industry and Plantation
•    Dams and Regulatory Structures                              •    Factory Building
•    Weirs and Control Structures                                     •    Production System
•    Drainage Channels                                                     •    Infrastructure
•    Irrigation Channels                                                      •    Accommodation
•    Wells and Pumping Stations                                     •    Transportation
•    Solar Energy Application                                            •    Mechanical Maintenance

Civic and Town Development
•    Hospitals
•    Schools
•    Religious Buildings
•    Public Assembly or Recreational Centres
•    Shops, Markets and Commercial Complexes
•    Public Offices


Consultancy Contracts

JEC's consultancy services offered under 'Contracts' are :-

•    Preliminary Estimates
•    Contract Documentation
•    Contract Management
•    Joint-Venture Administration
•    Contracts Advisor

Our in-house personnel execute routine contract matters in engineering scope of work commissioned to JEC. The extent and depth of services provided here will depend on the nature of the project. The normal scope would be to provide preliminary estimates prior to development commitments, contract documentation for tendering and supervision of the contract. For projects where Quantity Surveyor services are necessary, these are drawn from associate firms.


Project Management

The Scope of Services available under PROJECT MANAGEMENT may be summarised as:

In 1998, JEC began implementing the recommendations in PMBOK-Project Management Book of Knowledge from the Project Management Institute (www.pmi.org) as an in-house discipline. The knowledge areas are:

•    Project Scope Management
•    Project Time Management
•    Project Cost Management
•    Project Integration Management
•    Project Quality Management
•    Project Human Resource Management
•    Project Communications Management
•    Project Risk Management
•    Project Procurement Management



The Scope of Services available under SURVEY may be summarised as:

•    Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
•    Geographic Information System (GIS)
•    Topographic Survey
•    Hydrographic Survey

EIA and GIS services are increasingly in use in development planning. JEC has recognised this and has working relationship with professionals in these fields.

Land and water surveys are vital components in development considerations. Licensed surveyor associates normally carry out topographic survey. Hydrographic survey is usually by associate JEC Designabuild Sdn Bhd who have inhouse hydrographic cartographers. Where geophysical information is required, this can be arranged.


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