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Ir. Thomas H. Jacques

JEC employs effective human resource management by involving key personnel directly and intimately in each project. Continuity of personnel in concluding project matters will be a priority along with selecting the best person for the assignment. Each project will be headed by a fully qualified and experienced professional.

JEC's working outlook is guarded by the professional code of ethics that exist within the consultancy industry in Malaysia.

Projects will receive every priority to be completed within schedule.

Client interaction with JEC's professionals is encouraged for closer project understanding and working relationship.


Key JEC Personnel

Ir. Thomas H. Jacques
Position       : Consulting Civil Engineer
Year of Birth : 1957
Nationality    : Malaysian
Education     : B.Sc. (Civil Engineering) Aston University in Birmingham, United Kingdom.
Language     : English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese dialects Hokkien & Hakka

Membership of Professional Societies :

    Fellow of Institution of Engineers Malaysia (FIEM)
    Professional Engineer, Board of Engineers, Malaysia (P. Eng.)
    Member of Association of Consulting Engineers, Malaysia (MACEM)

Employment Record:

    Building Consultants (September 1979 - April 1987)
    Kejuruteraan JEC (May 1987 to present)


Positions Held and Description of Duties

April 2005
Consulting Engineer for Perlantikan Perunding untuk Pembinaan Struktur Menara dna Infrastruktur Sokongan Rumahapi Tg. Lobang, Miri and Pembinaan Bikon and Infrastruktur Sokongan Pulau Burung Sarawak.

January 2005
Consulting Engineer for Proposed Bunglow on Lot 4 at Borneo Highland Resort, Kuching, Sarawak.

June 2004
Consulting Engineer for Installation of Canle Anteena Transmission Dish & Lighting Arrestor for Temporary use on Rooftop for Datacom Sdn Bhd.

January 2004
Consulting Engineer for Proposed Repair to Spalling Concrete at Slab, Clolumn and Beam to Soffit of RC Slab of Restaurant and Stainless Steel Handrail at Holiday Inn Resort Damai Lagoon Plot L, Salak Land District, Pantai Damai, Santubong, Kuching, Sarawak for Sara Resorts Sdn Bhd.

Consulting Engineer for Proposed New Jetty, 23m Long Gangway and Pontoon at Batang Ai, Lubok Antu, Sri Aman Division for Majlis Daerah Lubok Antu.

January 2003
Consulting Engineer for Proposed Double Storey Detached House on Lot 7043, Blk 16, New Airport Road, Kampung Cemerlang KCLD, Kuching.

Consulting Engineer for Perlantikan Untuk Pembinaan Stesen DGPS Muara Tebas for Jabatan Laut Sarawak.

Consulting Engineer for Proposed Double Storey Quarters on Lot 156, Lubok Antu Town District, Sri Aman Division, Sarawak for Majlis Daerah Lubok Antu.

Consulting Engineer for Proposed 1.4MLD Prefabricated Treatment for Tebedu Water Supply, Samarahan Division.

Consulting Engineer for JEC Designabuild Sdn Bhd, for Projeck Pembanguan Pembinaan Gudang Stockpile Jabatan Laut Sarawak Di Kuching, Bintulu dna Miri (Kuala Baram).

Consulting Engineer for the Construction & Completion of the Bridges Replacement Project in Sarawak for Titanium Construction Sdn Bhd.

March 2002
Consulting Engineer for Proposed Tebedu Extension Water Supply, Samarahan Division.

August 2001
Consulting Engineer for Proposed Kuala Baram Ready Built Factory Project.

Consulting Engineer for the Infrastructure Works of the Proposed Sarikei Light Industrial Area (Extension), Sarikei Divison.

December 2000
Consulting Engineer for Proposed Refurbishment for HIR Damai Beach and HIR Damai Lagoon.

Consulting Engineer for Proposed Improvement for Existing Access Road From Damai Roundabout to Sarawak Cultural Village/Holiday Inn Resort Damai Lagoon on Plot L, Salak Land District, Pantai Damai, Santubong, Kuching, Sarawak.

October 2000
Consulting Engineer for SMK Kapit no. 2, Kapit, Sarawak.

September 1999
Consulting Engineer Proposed Pusat Kecemasan Bahagian Kuching, Jabatan Laut Sarawak, Muara Tebas, Kuching, Sarawak.

April 1999
Consulting Engineer for Proposed Riverfront Esplanade Extension, Kapit.

Project Manager for Proposed Kuching Waterfront Development.

February 1998
Consulting Engineer for a design and build project to install pile supports for 34 beacons for Marine Department, Sarawak

January 1998
Established JEC GIS-Link to undertake GIS consultancy and digital data conversion.

October 97
Established JEC Designabuild Sdn Bhd for Design & Build Projects.

July 97
Consulting Engineer on the Privatisation of Kuching Riverfront Development. Project value RM400m.

February 96
Consulting Engineer on Bakun Resettlement Study as part of TCB-Semaring Group.

October 95
Consulting Engineer for Proposed Individual Quick Freeze (IQF) Plant at Tarat, Kota Samarahan Division. Project value RM22m.

October 94
Consulting Engineer for Proposed Slope Protection at HIDB Santubong, Kuching. Project value RM3.2m.

Consulting Engineer for Proposed Stapang/Rh. Takin Road, Sibu Division. Project value RM4.2m.

November 93
Consulting Engineer on Proposed Mechanical Workshop and Wood Preservation Building at Timber Research and Technical Training Centre 7th Mile, Kuching. Project value RM0.75m.

August 93
Consulting Engineer on Proposed Timber Processing Complex on Lot 1403, Pending Industrial Estate, Kuching. Project value RM3.5m.

July 92
Consulting Engineer on Proposed Batang Layar Integrated Agriculture Station, Betong. Project value RM7.5m.

June 92
Consulting Engineer on Proposed Sport Complex, Betong, Sri Aman Division. Project value RM2.5m.

February 92
Consulting Engineer on Proposed Stutong Forest Park on Lot 1279, Block 11, Muara Tebas Land District, Kuching. Project value RM2.0m.

September 91
Consulting Engineer on Proposed Kuala Lawas Drainage Scheme, Lawas, Bahagian Limbang for DID. Project value RM2.0m.

June 91
Consulting Engineer on Proposed Long Laput Water Supply for JKR. Project value RM2.0m.

Consulting Engineer on Proposed Balai Ringin Water Supply Extension for JKR. Project value RM4.0m.

Consulting Engineer on Proposed Sematan Water Supply Extension for JKR. Project value RM5.5m.

January 91
Consulting Engineerr on Proposed Lubok Antu/Lemanak/Engkari (Package A) Road, Sri Aman Division for JKR. The estimated distance is 20 km. Project value RM16m.

September 90
Consulting Engineer on Proposed Holiday Inn Damai Beach Extension for SEDC. Project value RM14m.

March 90
Consulting Engineer on Proposed Mukah Mini Industrial Estate for Ministry of Industrial Development, Sarawak. Project value RM2.0m.

Consulting Engineer on Proposed Islamic Museum at Existing Madarasah Melayu Building at Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuching for JKR Sarawak.

August 89
Consulting Engineer on Proposed Forestry Training Centre for JKR, Sarawak. Project value RM8.0m.

June 89
Consulting Engineer on Proposed Improvement and Widening of Jalan Batu Lintang for City North Kuching Commission. Project value RM1.8m.

June 88
Project Engineer on Proposed Bangkit Rembai/Bangkit Ijok/Suri Road, Debak - feeder road for JKR Sarawak. Project value RM5.2m.

November 88
Project Engineer on supervisory services to SALCRA for Proposed Village Scheme at Gensurai, Spaoh.

August 88
Consulting Engineer for Gold Coin Sarawak Bhd. for Extension to Finished Product Godown and Hopper.

July 88
Performed Feasibility Study on upgrading and improvement to 48km of timber haul road for hauling coal inclusive of 25 nos. crossings made up 12m to 40m span bridges.

January 88
Consulting Engineer to SALCRA for proposed village scheme at Gensurai, Spaoh. Project value RM2.5m.

September 87
Supervised project management services to Metal Formwork System Sdn. Bhd. at Sarawak State Mosque Project, Petra Jaya, Kuching.

June 87
Consulting Engineer to Global Minerals (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd. for foundation designs to 50T weigh bridge, coal crushing plants and jetties, generator house and water supply. Project value RM2.0m.

Consulting Engineer to Brooke Dockyard & Engineering Works Corporation on preliminary cost estimates to Proposed Fabrication Yard in Bintulu.

May 87
Sole proprietor of Kejuruteraan JEC to provide consultancy services in fields of engineering, contracts and surveys services.

June 86 - April 87
Team leader for the Infrastructure Design of the Sijingkat Industrial and residential areas totalling over 1,000 acs.

Project engineer for the Grigat/ Selalang Road for JKR. The project required engineering survey and design of the road. The length of the road was 17 km.

Oct 85 - May 86
Project Engineer for the Lubai bridge near Limbang in 1986. The project was tendered in mid 1986 and cost RM4.2m. It was a 3 span pre-stressed girder bridge.

April 85 - Sept 85
Project Engineer for Bintawa Fishing Village Sewerage and Drainage project for KMC. The population catered for was 4,000.

Jan 84 - Mar 85
Project Engineer for the Stage I Augmentation in New Bintulu Water Supply project where additional pumps, motors and ancillary equipment were designed, tendered and installed.

Project Engineer for the proposed coastal protection works for the hotel and commercial development project in Bintulu near Tg. Batu.

Engineering Survey Co-ordinator for the Proposed Sijingkat Industrial Park. The area surveyed was 1,200 ha.

January 84
Appointed a partner of Building Consultants.

Jan 83 - Dec 83
Project Engineer for SMK Tatau.

Project Engineer for the new Sijingkat shipyard equipped with a ship-lift system of 2040 DWT x 70m long piers and 142m long quay. There was also a lateral transfer yard to complete the marine facilities.

Assistant Co-ordinator for the Kalaka-Saribas IADP feasibility study. The project area was 162,000 ha.

May 82 - Dec 82
Project Engineer for the Student Housing Development phase for University Pertanian Campus in Bintulu. This housing development catered for over 2,500 students.

Project Engineer for the topographic survey and road design for the Miri/Bintulu/Ulu Niah road. The length was 17 km including culverts and bridges design.

Jan 82 - Feb 82
Site Engineer for the Asajaya Subproject supervising the soil investigation contracts for the bridge embankments, tidal control structures and road foundation totalling RM1.5m. The work was in estuarine clay with extension into peat regions.

Sept 79 - Dec 81
Investigating & Graduate Design Engineer for New Bintulu Water Supply Project (RM108m) including earth dams, pump stations, treatment plant, RC reservoirs and steel pipes with concrete linings.


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