Our Projects

Since 1987, Kejuruteraan JEC has being actively dedicated in providing the best solutions for its clients. Over the years, we have accumulated a sizeable list of projects and this list is still growing more rapidly then we first started.

Listing of all our projects

Our Projects from 1987 to 1990

Projects for the year 1987
•    Crusher Plant foundations, conveyor supports on RC piers, coal loading and mooring facilities
      for Coal Terminus near Kapit, Sarawak. RM2.0m
•    Preliminary Design and Cost Estimate for Proposed offshore Jacket Fabrication Yard in Bintulu for
     Brooke Dockyard & Engineering Works Corporation.

Projects for the year 1988
•    Design and Supervision of Proposed Permanent Village Scheme on Lot 144, Gensurai, Paku/Layar
     Cocoa Scheme for SALCRA, RM2.5m.
•    Design of internal structural steel supports in LIDO cinema for conversion to discotheque. RM0.2m

Projects for the year 1989
•    Structural engineering design of residential houses at Jalan Stakan for Feng Li Development Sdn.
      Bhd., RM0.6m.
•    Structural engineering design of extension to Bulk Bins and Kibbled Maize handling facilities for Gold
     Coin Sarawak Berhad, RM0.6m.
•    Planning Upgrading and Improvement to Kapit/Beradai haul road for coal transport for Global
     Minerals (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd.
•    Analysis and design of external water reticulation system in Taman BDC for Mar & Associates.
•    Survey, Design and Supervision of Proposed Bangkit Rembai/Ijok/Suri Road for JKR, RM5.2m.
•    Structural engineering design of Lee Hua Hotel extension, RM0.6m.
•    Planning of Coal Terminus and loading facility at Kuala Rejang for Global Minerals (Sarawak) Sdn.
•    Proposed improvement and widening of Jalan Batu Lintang, RM1.8m.
•    Civil and Structural engineering design of Proposed Forest Research Centre for JKR, RM8.0m.

Projects for the year 1990
•    Civil and Structural engineering design of Proposed Swimming Pool Sport Complex in Betong for
     JKR, RM2.5m.
•    Civil and Structural engineering design of Holiday Inn Damai Extension for SEDC, RM14m.
•    Civil and Structural engineering design of Proposed Conversion of Madarasah Building to Islamic
     Museum for JKR, RM0.8m.

Our Projects from 1991 to 2000

Projects for the year 1991
•    Survey Coordination, Design and Supervision of Proposed Lubok Antu /Lemanak /Engkari Road
     (Package A) for JKR, RM16m.
•    Proposed Long Laput Water Supply for JKR, RM2.0m.
•    Proposed Balai Ringin Water Supply Extension for JKR, RM4.0m.
•    Proposed Sematan Water Supply Extension for JKR, RM5.5m.
•    Proposed Kuala Lawas Drainage Scheme, Lawas, Bahagian Limbang, RM2.0m.

Projects for the year 1992
•    Proposed Stutong Forest Park on Lot 1279, Block 11, Muara Tebas Land District, Kuching.
•    Proposed Sports Complex, Betong, Sri Aman Division. RM2.5m
•    Proposed Batang Layar Integrated Agriculture Station, Betong. RM7.5m

Projects for the year 1993
•    Proposed Timber Processing Complex on Lot 1403, Pending Industrial Estate, Kuching, RM3.5m.
•    Proposed Mechanical Workshop and Wood Preservation Building at Timber Research and
     Training Centre 7th Mile, Kuching, RM0.75m.

Projects for the year 1994
•    Proposed Slope Protection at HIDB Santubong, Kuching, RM3.2m.
•    Proposed Stapang/Rh. Takin Road, Sibu Division, RM4.2m.

Projects for the year 1995
•    Proposed Individual Quick Freeze (IQF) Plant at Tarat, Kota Samarahan Division, RM22m.

Projects for the year 1996
•    Bakun Resettlement Project Master Plan & DVG Survey with TCB-Semaring Sdn. Bhd.
•    Proposed River House on Lot 674 Blks 2, SLD at Sg. Air, Santubong, Kuching, RM0.02m.

Projects for the year 1997
•    Proposed Privatisation of Kuching Riverfront Development. RM400m
•    Developed Digital Data Capture capability

Projects for the year 1998
•    Design and Build 34 nos. Pile Foundation for Beacons along Batang Paloh, Sarawak.
•    Proposed Resettlement Scheme at Kampung Bunga Rampai/Rembus, Batu Kitang, Sarawak.

Projects for the year 1999
•    Proposed Pusat Kecemasan Bahagian Kuching, Jabatan Laut Sarawak, Muara Tebus.
•    Proposed Riverfront Esplanade Extension Kapit.
•    Proposed Kuching Waterfront Development.
•    GIS development service commenced.

Projects for the year 2000
•    Prosposed Sarikei Light Industrial Area (Extension), Sarikei Division, Sarawak.
•    Proposed S.M.K. Kapit No. 2, Kapit, Sarawak.
•    Proposed Hydrographic Survey for Proposed Marine Park, Miri Resort City, Miri, Sarawak.
•    Proposed Civil amd Structural Engineering Works at Holiday Inn Damai Beach and Damai
•    Proposed Improvement for Existing Access Road From Damai Roundabout to Sarawak Cultural
     Village/Holiday Inn Resort Damai Lagoon on Plot L, Salak Land District, Pantai Damai,
     Santubong, Kuching, Sarawak.












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